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Get Healthy Skin Natural Beauty Tips

Get Healthy Skin Natural Beauty Tips

In this article we introduce you about how to Get Healthy Skin with Natural Beauty Tips, and the functions and needs of our skin.

What is Skin?
When we think about human body firstly our mind always focuses on the heart and brain. Do you ever think that Skin is an important part of our body? It has also some specific functions and skin also needs care and food to stay healthy and fresh. Other parts of our body are less massive and possibly take less space in the body، as compared to other body parts our skin is all over on our body just like a dress. Skin has two layers of tissues, first thick and inner layer of the tissue is called Dermis, and upper thin layer is called epidermis. These two layers are joint together with a unique style. Upper layer of the skin (epidermis) has no blood vessel, In fact it is consist of dead tissues. This upper layer is very useful for us, because Being insensitive it protect us from pain. On the other hand inner layer of the skin is very sensitive and it produces skin cells, newly produced cell come over and millions of old dead skin cells naturally removes daily, luckily our inner skin naturally produces millions of new skin cell daily, that is why our skin remains healthy and fresh.
Skin Care and skin needs:
The skin is our body ‘s natural protective shield, the skin protect us from seasonal impacts. We all know that all of our parts of body have some specific natural needs, and every organ of our body wants the food according to its functions, in the same way our skin also need specific food. The food demand by our skin is just oil and moisture. If our skin gets enough moisture or oil and skincare then it looks always bright, fresh and young. On the other hand if our skin do not get moisturizers or oil then the upper layer of the skin starts to damage and looks rough and dry. Many of us do not care of our skin and do not even know about how to Get Healthy Skin Natural Beauty Tips and needs of our skin to have fresh and health looks.

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